Morrie’s Brooklyn Park Auto Body & Glass Repair Shop Update


As you might have seen lately, Morrie’s Automotive Group has been building and expanding several of its buildings lately. While Morrie’s Luxury Auto is in the process of building a beautiful new 2-story facility just next to our Cadillac store, Brooklyn Park is getting a new Morrie’s Auto Body & Glass Repair Shop just a few short blocks away from the Nissan and Subaru stores. We’re really excited to show you some recent photos showing the construction progress at the new Morrie’s Auto Body & Glass Repair Shop!

The front of the new Morrie’s Body Shop in Brooklyn Park.
Here’s the main entrance/lobby area.
Another view of the lobby with its stone-tiled walls.
This is the vehicle delivery/damage estimate garage. Customers can pick up there cars here or pull their damaged vehicles in for a quick estimate from one of our trained experts.
This is the paint shop where vehicles are prepped and painted for a smooth, shiny finish.
While this looks like a bit of a blank canvas at the moment, this is going to be our high-tech repair facility that makes up the bulk of the body shop.
This is going to be the all new, state of the art detail bay as well as a new photo booth.
There’s still a ways to go yet before this new car wash will be ready.

We also sat down and talked with the body shop manager, Jeremy, about what you can expect from the new Morrie’s Auto Body & Glass Repair Shop in the video series below:

Morrie’s Auto Body and Glass Repair Video Series

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more updates over the coming months!

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