Must-Have Car Accessories

Whether you’re hopping in your car for a quick errand across town or loading up for a month-long road trip, there are always a few key items you should keep in your vehicle. Here is a list of the most useful items I keep in my car:

  • Quick detailing spray/microfiber towel – Hopefully, birds avoid your car at all costs, but in case one doesn’t get the memo, it’s much easier (and better for your paint) to remove bird droppings ASAP.
  • Tire pressure gauge – Your tires are the only thing that connects you to the road, so make sure they’re properly inflated at all times.
  • Phone charger – How are you supposed to play the latest Taylor Swift hit if your phone dies in the middle of the road trip?!
  • Insurance information – Most companies have the option to electronically download your insurance information through their app, but it’s never a bad idea to carry a physical copy as well (especially since several states still require paper copies).

Do you have any other “must-have” items in your car?

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