Building Tiny Morrie’s Honda: Phase 2 – Transforming the Exterior

We’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting this far in the Tiny Morrie’s Honda saga. Building a custom trailer to fit our needs was quite the journey and you’d think we’d have more to show, but sadly, it looks like nothing more than a fancy trailer to the untrained eye. So how do you turn a plain white trailer into the spectacle that is Tiny Morrie’s Honda? You partner with the talented folks at Creative Color Studio to transform the average into the extraordinary.

We started with nothing more than a drawing. The trailer was still in its final phases of construction and with a tight timeline to work with, we needed to get started on the exterior details as quickly as possible.


Looks pretty simple, right? Now consider that we had 7 days to execute with no trailer in our possession, only a vague idea of the materials it would take to build some of the custom elements, and roughly 250 square feet of vinyl to print and install before it set out on a 5-hour road trip to make its official debut in West Bend, WI. Simple just got a lot more complicated.

Fast forward a few days to the trailer’s arrival: Nothing more than a blank canvas, our Tiny Morrie’s Honda was nothing to get excited about. 

Now the fun begins… We quickly coordinated the trailer’s delivery to Creative Color Studio and left our fate in their capable hands. With the trailer finally in-hand, they gathered all the necessary measurements, modified our preliminary drawings, and started printing and fabricating all of the custom elements unique to Tiny Morrie’s Honda.


Those of you familiar with custom vinyl installation know that it’s much harder than it appears. But of course, these guys made it look easy and made quick work of the more straightforward elements of the design.

The next phase is where things got a bit more complicated. Part of the initial concept was a piece on the exterior that extended above the roof-line of the trailer to match the large blue column found on the facade of actual Honda Dealerships. Like this:

Not only did it need to match the aesthetic to create the look we were hoping to achieve, but it needed to safely and securely attach to the railing for the rooftop deck and also be easily removable so it could be stowed during transport. Queue the custom fabrication:

The final result was beyond our expectations. The pieces looked great when mounted to the trailer and, more importantly, they were mounted in such a way that we didn’t risk them moving or falling if a strong gust of wind happened to catch them while out in the wild. And when it came time to transport the trailer, they were easily removed and stowed inside. We could haven’t been happier.

With the hard work complete, Tiny Morrie’s Honda was ready to see the light of day for the first time…

With phase 2 complete, Tiny Morrie’s Honda was now off the get some much-needed help transforming its bare interior into an inviting and functional workspace with the help of Martha Dayton Design. Stay tuned for our Phase 3 of Building Tiny Morrie’s Honda coming soon!

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