Cheese of Minnesota

Being from Wisconsin, I’m always looking for a good cheese meal, whether it’s cheddar, brie, or goat cheese. While I don’t think anything can compare to Wisconsin’s plethora of cheese, I have found a few places in the Cities that help satisfy my cravings.

These are my favorite places to consume cheese in the Twin Cities:

Grilled cheese: O’Cheeze Food Truck

You’ve likely seen this food truck at one (or many) Morrie’s events. One of the benefits of being the Event Coordinator and booking the food trucks is that I get to choose how much cheese we all consume (you’re welcome, BTW)! Every single one of their unique grilled cheezes is amazing.

Mac n cheese: Revival

They’re known for their chicken, but should be known for their mac n cheese. Creamy, rich, melty goodness in a perfectly sized pot.

Cheese curds: Stray Dog

These cheese curds are from Wisconsin, so you know they’re good. Plus, they come with some awesome topping options, like garlic aioli or Togarashi.

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