Containment Mats: The Car Accessory You’ve Never Heard Of

Car accessories are a stranger to no one. You can buy floor mats, roof racks, seat covers, or even ‘eyelashes’ to add some flair to your car (yes, they’re actually a thing). But have you ever heard of a containment mat? Probably not. I’ll chalk that up to the fact that it lies in the grey area between a car accessory and a home improvement project, but that’s not important.

Containment mats serve a pretty simple purpose: they contain water and/or snow that hitches a ride into your garage. Whether it’s just the residue from a rainstorm or the foot of snow you failed to sweep off your roof before driving home for the day, it all ends up on the floor of your garage at some point.

They work like a tarp on steroids. They’re constructed of a PVC infused fabric that is obviously waterproof but also very durable so you won’t tear it when you drive over it repeatedly. The edges have a high-density foam heat-welded into the liner to provide the raised edge needed to contain the water. It’s really that simple.

If you’re lucky, your garage drains outside or there’s so little water it dries pretty quickly. That’s probably why you’ve never heard of a containment mat. But for those that have a problem with a bit of standing water (like me) or just looking to keep the garage floor extra-clean, containment mats are a way of life. You simply lay the mat where you plan to park, drive onto the mat, and when enough water accumulates to where the mat needs to be drained you simply use a squeegee or a shop-vac to remove the water. No more garage lakes to tip-toe around!

So help me spread the word because I feel like this is a well-kept secret that every car garage-dwelling car-owner should know!



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