Winter Driving – Emergency Kit


One of the first things to remember is that you need to remember to be cautious during the winter months. This is especially true during extreme colds. Making sure you have a plan before you travel is very important. That along with having the correct tools in case of an emergency. That brings us to our first point of Winter Tips; having a winter survival kit in your car.

It might not be a cross-country road trip you’re on, but even getting stuck 10 miles from your home can lead to disaster. When many vehicles become stuck or crash in a blizzard, it could be hours before help can arrive. Make sure to keep your safety kit in your backseat in the off chance your trunk freezes shut! This kit could help keep you prepared and safe in your vehicle.

 Winter Survival Kit Guide:

  1. Jumper Cables
  2. Tow Hook Strap
  3. Hand Warmers
  4. Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter
  5. Headlamp Light
  6. Sunglasses

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