Winding Road takes two Saabs out for a drive

The Winding Road has added two new Saab road tests to their online magazine – and they’re both worth a read. First up is the Saab 9-4X Aero, pictured here. There is the inevitable who\what is Saab storyline in both reviews, but once you get past that and on to the cars, they’re both quite good.On the 9-4X Aero, they had this to say: “For those paying attention, the driving dynamics of the 9-4X are positively brilliant. The 9-4X has a smoothness and stability going down the road that buyers will find hard to beat. The genius here is that Saab does smoothness not by giving the driver a flaccid, mushy chassis, but by using a very stiff body structure and a carefully designed suspension. In other words, the 9-4X is firm and controlled over the road and at the same time, smooth and silky. The car feels refined, yet responsive.”

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The second car they’ve driven is the 2011 Saab 9-5 in Turbo4 trim. Here’s a quick quote: “In fact, much of the 9-5 experience fell into the “refined” category of driving experience. We were never inundated with feedback through the steering wheel, with Saab engineers obviously opting for smoothness, and progressive weight in terms of power steering tune. Handling characteristics were similar. We found the 9-5 to be hugely stable in sweeping corners, and willing to turn in quickly, without ever deigning to fall into the “chuckable” category. The Saab’s substantial wheelbase (111.7 inches) and overall weight makes it a fantastic choice for spirited cruising, and rather inappropriate for outright thrashing. Nothing about this new car belies the laid-back ethos that Saab has fostered for decades.”

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