#MorriesRoadTrip: Our Favorite Road Trip Games

Even the most scenic drives can be made a little better with some entertainment. We dug into the archives to remember the games we loved playing on car rides as kids. These games have just the right amount of competition mixed in to guarantee an exciting road trip.

Name for Name
How to play: You begin by picking a topic. Once a topic is selected, you go through the alphabet one letter at a time and say a certain item that goes with that topic. So for example: If the topic was car manufacturers, you could begin with “Alfa Romeo”, then the next person might say, “Bugatti” and so on until you are stumped and can’t think of any more. If you make it all the way through, you start the alphabet over again!

The Alphabet Game
How to play: Pick license plates or billboards, then try to find every letter of the alphabet (in order) before you arrive at your destination. Only one letter per plate or billboard counts. Make it a joint effort to get to Z, or see who can get there first.

Slug Bug
How to play: You get to hit someone (except the driver) every time you’re the first to spot a Volkswagen Beetle. Bonus points for flower magnets or eyelashes!

Hey Cow
How to play: The objective is to have your passengers rotate turns by rolling down their windows when passing a field of cattle and scream “Hey Cow!”. You keep a running tally of how many cows turn and look at you during your turn/scream. Whoever has the biggest tally of cattle views at the end of the trip wins.


If those games aren’t your thing, forget about your destination and have everyone in the car takes turns picking which direction to go when you get to a stop sign or stop light.


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