Winter Driving – Tips & Tricks

Part 1:

This winter season, Morrie’s Auto Group wants to make sure you’re safe behind the wheel. We also want to make sure that you’re prepared in the case of an emergency. That’s why we’ve compiled a gathering of helpful tips and tricks for tackling the Minnesota roads. This list will help make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected and keep you and your family safe!

Driving Techniques:

There are many ways to be safe while you’re behind the wheel and we want to share our Top 5 best techniques with you.

Don’t Tail People: It’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of bumper to bumper traffic and not pay attention. That said, in the less than ideal conditions you’re going to want to give yourself plenty of room. Stopping on ice and snow can double the distance of stopping time, so play it safe and stay back.

Turn and Merge Slow: We know it gets to be freezing cold and you want to get home after work. When you’re distracted after a long day and it’s already dark outside it becomes difficult to see and merge. Make sure you take your time, check your surroundings, and merge into traffic slowly. Also, try to avoid sharp or quick turns which can cause you to lose control.

Slippery Roads & Black Ice: Even though the roads can look dry and clean, there’s always a chance for black ice. If you do hit black ice, you need to try to remember not to slam on your brakes. The proper technique is to lift off the gas and steer through the slide. You want to try and remain as straight as possible, and then once you feel control again, you can brake.

Turn into a Slide: You always want to turn into the direction of the slide. That means if you feel the car start to drift, you want to try and balance it out with turning the same direction.

Snow Bank > Collision: It’s hard to consider, but it’s always going to be better to turn to a snowbank vs. colliding with another vehicle. When given the option, try to stop, but if that option is gone, you’re going to want to turn towards the snowbanks. Chances are you’ll end up stuck, but that’s better than being stuck to someone else’s bumper!

Let us know below if you have any additional tips and tricks for staying safe while on the road this winter season!

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