Mazda2 B-Spec Racecar Build

Phase 2: The Diet

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that Morrie’s Minnetonka Mazda and Twin Cities Luxury Auto have teamed up to build a Mazda2 B-Spec racecar for one of our loyal clients. To read about the racecar build from the beginning, check out our phase 1 blog post.

Since its mechanical makeover, our project B-Spec Mazda 2 has since been on a weight loss regimen. With the last encounter, the Mazda 2 had a full mechanical makeover to fulfill SCCA requirements in the performance aspect of things. The next part of this adventure takes us to the diet.

Weight plays a key factor with any vehicles performance. When designing new vehicles, many manufactures and engineers struggle with finding new ways to make cars lighter. It plagues engine performance, efficiency, and handling. In racing, it also has the same negative effects. Since we are working on a production vehicle and need to comply with SCCA guidelines for showroom stock, the only way to lose weight is to pitch things we don’t need (which is pretty much everything inside the 2).






























































































































With the weight savings of the interior components and trim removed, it also makes room for a roll cage.  Since roll cages are welded to multiple points of a vehicles body,  installation would be quite a task with all the obstructions of the interior components.






































Another area to combat weight is with wheels. The use of lightweight wheels can increase performance and fuel efficiency on any vehicle. So, the Mazda 2 received a new set of shoes! To follow SCCA size and weight requirements, the Mazda 2 will be running these lovely 15” Team Dynamics wheels in a matte black finish.
























Stay tuned for phase 3, the roll cage!

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