MN Zoo Research Vehicle Update

Here it is, the latest update on our MN Zoo Field Research Vehicle! Back in June 2011, we presented the Zoo with a brand new wrapped Mazda CX-5 to help with their research efforts. (Check out the video here). Scientist, Dr. Kim VanderWaal, has been very busy working with radio telemetry equipment and trying to locate radio/GPS-collared deer!

MN Zoo Research Vehicle Update

Kim’s project is focusing on parasite transmission from deer to moose in northeastern Minnesota.  We believe this is a factor that is likely contributing to the moose decline.  Kim and her research partners have placed tracking collars on more than 10 deer so far and are looking to see how their movements overlap with those of moose in the area.  Kim is also using the field vehicle to find and collect deer pellets, so that they can be analyzed for the presence of parasites that harm moose.

MN Zoo Research Vehicle Update

We’re thrilled to see how our Mazda CX-5 donation has helped the Minnesota Zoo with their research efforts. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates as researchers continue to make strides in conserving the MN Moose and endangered species population!

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