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StreetSmarts Defensive Driving Program Powered by Morrie’s Automotive Group

Today we kicked off our first Teen Driving School event in partnership with BIR Performance Driving School in an effort to teach teens the skills they need when acquiring a drivers license. The Driving Defense Program was held at the National Sports Center and was the first test run at an event that we will be offering regularly this summer. The program is designed to help young drivers to feel comfortable and confident when behind the wheel by teaching them the advanced techniques they need to become safe, responsible drivers.


Here’s a quick break down of the program and what it entails:

Teens will attend Classroom instruction and in-car exercises (in their own car) and those will include the following:

Fundamental vehicle dynamics and knowing the limits of your car

Emergency and threshold braking including ABS activation

Emergency lane change maneuvers

Skidpad exercises and traction loss

Distracted driving exercises simulating texting and driving under the influence

Combined skills course

A few of our teen drivers at the National Sports Center today!

If you are interested in our Summer Defensive Driving Program please contact us at 952-797-1336. We look forward to hearing from you!


50th Anniversary Ford to hit Auction Block

Last month at the New York International Auto show Ford unveiled their beautiful 50th anniversary edition mustang to a very excited crowd. (Check out the footage on our Facebook page below.)

Empire State Building & The 2015 Mustang

They built excitement and anticipation by also pulling off a stunt that has not been performed in over 50 years when the first Mustang was released. The company decided to create buzz with the new Mustang by putting it atop the Empire State Building, just like they did back in 1964. You may wonder, how did they get the Mustang up there? They actually had a team to cut the car into small enough pieces where they could bring it up 86 floors to the top. 2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition convertible

50th Anniversary Edition Mustang Convertible

Fast forward a month and  Ford has just announced that they will be auctioning off a one-off 50th anniversary edition convertible. The vehicle will raffled off at Woodward’s Dream Cruise on August 16th and all proceeds will benefit the National MS Society. This convertible will be the same Wimbledon White as we saw in New York and will feature a chrome-accented grille and tail-lamps, aluminum dash trim, two-tone black and beige interior leather seats and 19-spoke wheels. If you are interested in attending the raffle, to be held in Southeast Michigan, you will need to purchase a ticket which run $20.00 a piece from Ford Motor Company while supplies last. Ford says “this will be the only 2015 Mustang convertible built with a performance pack to include Pirelli P Zero summer tires, Brembo six-piston painted front brake calipers, and a limited-slip differential.” We look forward to seeing the 2015 Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition Coupe on our show floors this summer!

Cadillac Employee Cookout!

With all the rain we’ve had lately it was nice to be able to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine at our Morrie’s Cadillac cookout yesterday. Because of great customer service performance, we rewarded our employees with lunch! Watch the video below to see the great food and great people!