Behind the Wheel of a 1967 Ford Mustang GTA

From the moment you twist the key and fire up the 302 cubic inch V8 residing under the long, sculpted hood, a smile spreads across your face. You not only hear the all-American rumble of the engine, but feel it pulsing through every inch of your body. Each controlled explosion seems to match your heart beating in your chest. This 1967 Ford Mustang GT is a pure, unadulterated muscle car. Slide the shifter into gear, feed in some revs and you’re off!

The thin-gauge steering wheel feels delicate, if not exactly precise, in your hands. The seat feels like a perfectly broken in catcher’s mitt. Everything looks, feels, and smells like it was built by hand and with pride in the good ‘ol US of A. As you gaze over the long hood, watching it shake softly, it’s a somewhat imposing view but on the move, the size of the car shrinks around you. It feels warm, inviting, and full of character. Unlike modern cars that are crammed full of sound deadening and electronics, things that isolate you from the drive, this ’67 Mustang invites you into the experience and makes every drive so much more than just going from Point A to Point B.

As you cruise around town in this automotive icon, you’ll begin to realize just how much attention you get. Unlike expensive Italian exotics that receive equal parts stares and scowls, this bright red beauty gets an unequivocally positive reaction from everyone who sees it. When you drive this Mustang, you’ll see waves, smiles, and thumbs up from nearly every man, woman, and child out there. Everyone seems to love this thing! And how could you not? The fastback styling is sleek and sexy. The bright red paint dazzles in the sunlight. The scoops and louvers draw your attention to all the right places.

Pick a sunny day, roll the windows down, and you’ll never want to stop driving it. And that’s because it drives beautifully. The ride is supple yet communicative; the rumble of the engine is both methodic and soothing. Although times have changed, the Mustang has managed to stay timeless. From the word go, this car transports you back to simpler, more carefree times. Push your foot to the floor and let the roar of the engine melt your cares away.  When prodded, the Mustang’s V8 springs to life and rockets you forward like it’s on a mission. It’s truly an aural delight.

The 1967 Mustang is a one of those iconic vehicles that car guys dream about driving. Now, thanks to Morrie’s vintage rental car program, that dream can become a reality.

Guest blog post written by: Alex Bellus – a well-known automotive photographer in the Twin Cities area and a frequent attendee of MN C&C at the Automotorplex. He is an Automotive Analyst for IHS Automotive and has a wide range of automotive knowledge. Keep your eye out for his next Blog Post where he will highlight another popular Morrie’s vehicle!

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