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We love getting customer feedback. Hearing that we made the car-buying process less stressful or that one of our employees went above and beyond never gets old. Seeing that New Review notification in our inboxes is always exciting. We could go on and on about all the positive feedback and five-star reviews left by customers over the years. We can never get enough of it because we want to be the cause of those small (or big) moments of happiness.

It would be nice if the only feedback we received were positive, but that’s not realistic. Reading about instances where we didn’t quite live up to expectations isn’t great. Having our weaknesses or missteps laid out for everyone on the internet to read is difficult. But honestly, we love those reviews too. That’s the feedback that helps us grow. It keeps us on our toes and ensures that we’re constantly re-examining how we do things.

Check Your Text Messages for a Review Request

Starting in February, Morrie’s customers will get a text message with a review request. We want to know about your experience at Morrie’s, whether good or bad.

We’ve never shied away from reviews. In fact, we’ve spent the last several years changing how we collect and address customer feedback. We went from passively collecting reviews to actively seeking them out. Where reviews used to go without a public response, we now try to respond to each one within a business day. We also have direct feedback channels for each of our locations rather than funneling it through our corporate team.

We Really Do Want Your Feedback

Even with all that in place, we know that we can do more. It’s not in our best interest to seek feedback from happy customers and leave everyone else to find us on their own. We want to hear from everyone. More importantly, we want you to know that we truly, honestly want your feedback.

The perception around reviews, in general, is that they’re a way to bully a business into giving you what you want. We don’t look at them that way. When we read a negative review, we see it as a learning opportunity. We take that feedback to heart and use it as a check on our current process. We rely on your feedback because if we don’t know where we’re falling short, we can’t improve.

While we wish you’d all have nothing but wonderful things to say, we’ll never ask you to be anything but 100% honest. When you get your review request, know that you are welcome to tell us your true feelings. But as you type those true feelings, remember that there’s a real human person on the other side of the screen.

Your Happiness Defines Our Success

Happiness is our mission. The happier you are, the happier we are. Buying or servicing your car can be scary—that’s why we’re here. We want to do such a good job taking the stress and pressure out of car-buying that you shout about it from the rooftops. Your sales consultant isn’t there to push you into a car and get you off the lot. They’re here to help you find the right car for you so that you can drive off happy and confident. Because happiness matters.

If you previously purchased your car from or serviced it at Morrie’s, find us on Facebook or Google and tell us about your experience!

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